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Seeing Results ‘n Detoxing

27 Feb


Yes, I am seeing some results other than weight loss from this Green Smoothie Experiment. That’s exciting to me since I have been doing this experiment for less than two weeks.

1 – I definitely have more energy. I do still have that afternoon “slump” sometimes, but maybe that’s a detox reaction. I feel that my sleep is better and when I wake up I throw back the covers and get right out of bed. I don’t know if I have ever done that before! I just feel refreshed and ready to get up and get moving! And part of the reason might be…

2 – It’s just easier for me to get out of bed physically. Since I was about 6 months pregnant with my son my back has been hurting. It hurt so badly that often it woke me up in the middle of the night, I could not get comfortable and if I woke up early in the morning I just couldn’t stay in bed because laying made the pain worse. We do have a bad mattress and need a new one. But my husband would bring up the fact that his back didn’t hurt. Well, I just noticed on Friday that my back doesn’t hurt anymore! It was to the point where I was in pain for hours after waking and I would have one of my older children carry the baby down the stairs because I didn’t trust my back not to give out on me. And now – gone! There is a little bit of aching here and there, but mostly nothing!

3 – I was concerned because I had pain and swelling and numbness in my right hand. The joints were painful and I even dreaded having to write with a pen or pencil. I was getting numbness often and most of the joints hurt. I went to a website where you can punch in your symptoms and they give you a diagnosis. I had multiple symptoms and once I put them all in it said peripheral neuropathy, most likely caused by diabetes. Oh boy. Not good. But, to my amazement and joy – my hand pain and numbness is almost totally gone and the swelling is getting much better.

But I want to keep maximizing these healing effects. I am in the middle of reading “The Green Smoothies Diet” by Robyn Openshaw (I splurged and spent the last of my weekly spending money on it, but so far it’s worth it!). This book is SO informational. She suggests a 3 day detox in which you only drink green smoothies. 96 ounces or more, to be exact. Well, I’m doing it. I love the idea of focusing on detoxing for a few days. And if I have good results, I’ll probably do it again somewhere along the line.  I’ll let you know my findings! Until then, here is what my food will consist of… 3 of these actually…